Casino bonuses explained

Many players, especially the newbies find it difficult in understanding the casino bonuses. Most would tell you that clearing the bonus is impossible whilst others would say that all bonuses are a way of luring players that you will receive actual money when its actually virtual money or money that will always remain with the casino.

Easy money with casino bonuses?

Casino bonus: the basics

Firstly, you need to start from the beginning, the moment you signup for a casino account and claim your bonus.

“Register an account and claim your welcome bonus”

The above is one common phrase that you see displayed at various online casino rooms. Does this mean when you register an account, you will receive free cash / welcome bonus?

It’s true, the bonus is real cash that is given to you by the casino for free. However, in order to cashout your bonus, a player would have to reach the casino’s terms and conditions regarding the bonus.

Wagering requirements

Most casino bonuses carry a wagering and playthrough requirement. This means that you would have to wager with the bonus a couple of times before you can cash it out.

During the processes of trying to achieve the casino wagering and play through requirements of the bonus, many players tend to lose their bonus during that process and the end result is that most would conclude saying “casino bonuses can never be cashed out”.

What do you need to know

First and foremost, when claiming your casino bonus, you need to understand the following;

  • Upon receiving your casino bonus, your account will show two balances – your actual balance and the casino bonus balance.
  • Depending with the casino, your casino bonus balance will gradually indicate the total amount cleared as well as the remaining casino bonus balance to be cleared.
  • Some casinos out there will lock your account for withdrawals, at which you will not be able to withdraw your actual balance until your bonus balance has been cleared or depleted.
  • The casino is real cash and will always remain with the casino, but clearing the bonus will allow you to cashout winnings from the bonus. For instance, if you receive a casino bonus of $100, you clear the bonus and have winning of $50 this does not mean you will withdraw $150. Your cashout will only be the winnings of $50.
  • The process of clearing the bonus varies from one casino to another. For instance, one casino will require the bonus to be wagered 20 times whilst another casino would require a wager of 30 times.
  • Other casino will offer a free spin bonus that carry no wagering requirements. This means that you will cash out all winnings from your free spin bonus.

What type of casino bonuses can be found

After understanding how the casino bonus functions, you now have to decide what type of casino bonus to claim. The casino bonuses vary from one casino to another and these come as no deposit bonuses, free spins bonuses, deposit bonuses, reload bonuses and so on.

The no deposit bonus is immediately credited to your account upon registering and activating your account.

The deposit bonus and reload bonuses are claimed upon making a deposit and usually the casino would set a minimum deposit required to claim the bonus.

Free spin bonuses are usually awarded by a casino as part of running a promotion or the free spins will be available for play on particular games.

Follow the right steps in clearing your bonus and you will cash it out!

Reading and understanding your casino bonus is very important. If you are new to that casino, read and understand the casino’s terms and conditions regarding the casino bonuses.

You should also take note of the validity period of the bonus as well as checking the wagering requirements of the bonus.

Reviews of the casino bonuses

We review the online casinos on their bonuses, wagering requirements, support desk and payout methods. If you are looking for the best online casino bonuses, you should check out our casino reviews.

Select the casino which fits the best wagering requirements, welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses and free spins and make sure you cash out your winning today! Good luck!

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