Problem gambling, gambling addiction, pathological or compulsive gambling. They are all terms to describe gambling behavior that is harmful or has negative consequences for the player, the people around him or her and the community / society in general. The behavior that causes the negative consequences is the inability of the player to stop spending a lot of time, money and energy on gambling, which eventually will affect his or her personal, financial and social well-being.

Responsible gaming

To help players keep their casino gaming and betting experiences fun and exciting and avoid any negative ‘side effects’ the concept of ‘Responsible Gaming’ was developed.

Responsible Gaming is a ‘code of conduct’ to which gaming and betting operators need to comply to uphold the highest standards of safety, reliability, player protection, fair gaming, information privacy, customer support et cetera.

Most online casinos, and certainly the Netent Casinos, are more than willing to honor the principles of responsible gaming as it’s in their interest to cater to ‘healthy’ and therefore returning players.

On the other hand Responsible Gaming also provides a ‘code of conduct’ to players, which is usually summarized in a set of ‘tips’.

Tips for responsible gaming

Tips that can help to keep casino gaming and betting fun are:

  • Set limits for the time and the money you want to spend on gaming and stick to it;
  • Accept losses as the cost for your casino gaming entertainment;
  • Never keep on playing to make up for losses (‘chasing losses’);
  • Never borrow money to keep on gaming;
  • Only play with money you can afford to lose;
  • Never let gaming interfere with commitments or relationships;
  • Don’t gamble while under influence or when emotionally unstable.