Online jackpot Mobile Max bet per spin Jackpot type Top fixed jackpot
Mega Fortune Dreams Yes € 80 Network pooled jackpot 10.000 coins
Arabian Nights No € 5 Network pooled jackpot 10.000 coins
Hall of Gods No € 50 Network pooled jackpot 4.000 coins
Mega Joker No € 10 Random Progressive Jackpot 2.000 coins
Mega Fortune Yes € 50 Network Pooled Progressive Jackpot 10.000 coins
Super Lucky Frog No € 50 Local Progressive Jackpot 7.500 coins
Tiki Wonders No € 60 Local Progressive Jackpot 10.000 coins
Bonus Keno No € 5 Local Progressive Jackpot 10.000 coins
Caribbean Stud Poker No € 40 Local Progressive Jackpot 10.000 coins
Cosmic Fortune No € 75 Local Progressive Jackpot 1.400.000 coins
Geisha Wonders No € 60 Local Progressive Jackpot 10.000 coins
Icy Wonders No € 60 Local Progressive Jackpot 7.500 coins

Online Jackpots

NetEnt Jackpots

NetEntertainment, NetEnt, offers a variety of local and pooled network progressive online jackpots available via flash and NetEnt Touch.  NetEnt casinos offer a variety of progressive jackpots that offer low to high betting limits. The progressive jackpots can award millions of euros depending with the progressive game being played.

By playing any progressive jackpot game of interest, you have an equally likely chance of winning the jackpot since the progressive game makes use of the RNG (Random Number Generator) as well as keeping track of the payout percentage/ RTP  (return to player rate).

Each time you wager on any of the progressive jackpot games, a certain percentage of your wager is added to the jackpot pool. Another vital aspect you need to know is that there are ways in which you can win the jackpot and players need to know that free mode/fun play does not trigger or contribute any percentage to the jackpot pool.

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Local and network progressive online jackpots

NetEntertainment rents or sells its games to various online casinos throughout the world and you should be able to differentiate between local progressive jackpots and network progressive jackpots.  The progressive jackpots are all built in a similar manner – for every bet place, a certain percentage of the bet is added to the jackpot and this pool keeps increasing gradually as the game is played until it is won.

A local progressive jackpot game offers a online jackpot that is locally generated whilst a network progressive jackpot is networked with several online casinos throughout the world thereby having an ability of awarding millions of euros.

Local NetEnt progressive jackpots usually offer a smaller jackpot when compared to network progressive jackpots.

Another setback is that the pool of local progressive jackpots only increases in size when bets at one casino have been wagered on that particular progressive game. However, another important factor you should consider is that if a casino has a local progressive jackpot that is very high or its jackpot is usually high, this means that the casino has high player traffic. Hence, in order to win big, you would have to play your local progressive jackpot games at NetEnt casinos that have high player traffic.

Types of Progressive Jackpot Games from NetEnt

NetEntertainment offers a variety of progressive jackpots and the majority of these are slot games. For video slots, it offers progressive jackpots for both classic slots (3-reel) video slots and 5-reel video slots.

NetEnt offers 12 progressive jackpots that include some of its popular progressive titles such as Hall of Gods, Mega Fortune, Mega Fortune Dreams, and Arabian Knights. Other progressive titles offered include Cosmic Fortune, Super lucky Frog, TiKi Wonders, Geisha Wonders, Icy Wonders, Mega Joker, Keno, and Caribbean Stud.

NetEnt Mobile Progressive Jackpots

Mobile players can enjoy playing two exciting progressive jackpot games on their mobile devices and these are Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams.

More progressive games will be made available for mobile in the near future but players can enjoy these two progressive games that can award a jackpot prize of more than 5 million euros. The two progressive games can be played via Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Mobile devices.

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