Caribbean Stud Poker Jackpot is for the poker lovers who need to take online poker to another level. The game is certainly for poker junkies and this classic stud poker jackpot was introduced by NetEnt in 2008, making hits all over Europe awarding huge progressive jackpots and has become a number one favorite with many online casino fans.

The game offers impressive and slick graphics and can only be played on desktop (direct play online). The only difference is that when it comes to Caribbean Stud Poker, instead of playing with other opponents, in this game you get to play against the dealer. However, it’s an added advantage to know the rules of the game especially knowing the basic rules at which it will help you strategize how to win effectively.

“Play the jackpot bet and you could trigger the progressive jackpot!”

The game has a return to player rate of 94.79% and takes a minimum bet of €1 up to a max bet of €40. It has awarded an enormous jackpot payout of €475,000 and its average jackpot win is triggered every 14 weeks. To win the progressive jackpot, players would have to make an additional bet or side bet on the jackpot square and when it is triggered, the jackpot can be awarded partly or fully.

Hitting a Royal Flush will award 100% of the jackpot whilst a straight flush will award 2500:1, Four of a kind 250 to 1, Full House 100 to 1, Straight 10 to 1 and Three or a Kind awards 5 to 1. The progressive jackpot is local and varies from one NetEnt casino to another. A NetEnt casino with high player traffic will always offer a high progressive jackpot.

Game Play

In this game, you need to be a sharp shooter. You need to know the rules of the game before you start playing. The rules are quite simple and it’s you versus the dealer. You are dealt with 5 cards and in order to win, your hand should be higher than the dealer’s hand.

“Hit a Royal Flush and the jackpot is yours!”

Before the cards are dealt, you would have to place your bet – an Ante bet as well as placing another bet in the jackpot section which is optional. You are able to call or raise your bet during game play and the progressive jackpot will only be awarded if you placed a bet in the jackpot section.

Hitting a Royal Flush will award 100% of the jackpot pool whilst all other hands with exception of the pairs will award part of the pooled jackpot.

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